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Handmade paleo and vegan treats: liberated from grains, gluten, dairy, refined sugars, and soy. 

Our Story


Portland Paleo was founded in 2014, but the seeds of business were planted many years earlier, in a hospital room at OHSU. My doctor walked into the room and told me I had cancer. At the time I had no way of knowing this would be the beginning of a seven-year struggle that would fundamentally change the way I viewed life, food, and health.

I endured many surgeries to remove the cancer, and in the midst of them, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I found that my body did not respond well to western medicine. Every drug I tried had painful side effects and offered no relief. For years I watched my health decline, my abilities fade, and my options become severely limited.

Since western medicine failed to provide the relief I needed, I looked for alternate ways to combat the disease. In the end, salvation came from the most fundamental source of all, food. I drastically changed my eating habits, and took to heart the words of Hippocrates: β€œLet thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Embracing clean eating, a whole food diet, and Paleo principles has become part of my life.  

As my health returned an old friend came back into my life. A friend I grew up with, worked with me at my first job, and as it turned out, was equally passionate about health and food. 

We spent time talking about our experiences as followers of the paleo lifestyle. One challenge that kept surfacing was the lack of paleo options in grocery stores. Organic vegetables and high quality meats can be readily found, but little to satisfy a sweet tooth. Where were the paleo sweets, to satisfy our cravings and allow us to occasionally indulge? With nothing available we began creating recipes that were both healthy and delicious. It took time, but we finally baked almond cookies that tasted amazing. We gave them to our families and friends who were not following a paleo lifestyle, and they loved them.

We are united in our passion for healthy eating and healthy living, and it is our greatest joy to share our creations with you and yours.

With Love, Lindsay